The Rivers

Running along one side of the park, the Barlings is a well stocked

Lincolnshire drain and has a good stock of Bream, Roach, Perch, PikeGraphic1

and most other coarse fish.

The Old River Witham is the old course of the Witham and is joined to

the Witham at the top end with a weir, this is prolific in the summer for

small fish, pike and perch with small lures scoring high..

In 2008 the Shortferry River record was broken, by Geoff Kelwick with

a catch of 160lb 8oz of Bream and other catches of

note have been Perch to 4lb 12oz, Pike to over 20lb and several large

bags of Bream


Jusr recently carp anglers have started to target the rivers and some nice fish have been caught, up to 22lb, though we are aware of sightings and catches of bigger fish nearby.

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